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We've joined the Android phenomenon and here are some of our favourite apps:


Although these are almost consigned to history, we have used PalmOS devices since 1998 and we develop PalmOS applications. The models we've used include: PalmPilot Professional,M500, M130, TungstenT, Centro and theGSL Xplore M70 PDA phone. We also have design team experience with Windows Mobile 5 PDAs.

Here are some links to our favourite Palm applications for work and pleasure:
  • SoaringPilot - free flight computer software for Gliding, Hang-gliding and Paragliding
  • CetusGPS - the Swiss Army Knife of GPS tracking and field data collection
  • cotoGPS - a full featured GPS utility
  • Punch Time Clock - a timelog recording system
  • Qmate - a Quicken Companion for Palm Organisers
  • maClock - provides a large clock display at device power-on plus alarms and time zone info
  • PlecoDict - a Chinese - English - Chinese dictionary with Chinese Character Input
  • KsToDo - Allows sorting the ToDo List in alphabetical order
  • DiddleBug - An open source Sketching, Drawing and "Post-It Note" style application with alarms
  • Bible+ - An open source Bible Reader
  • Card Reader - Transforms the USB and SD-Card equipped PDAs and Phones into an SD-Card Reader
  • Book Worm - A word puzzle game from Astraware
  • BlastPad - A shortcut / launcher utility that can have 4,9, or 16 buttons on screen. 9 is perfect for the M70!
  • Switch5 - A PalmOS 5 utility with a similar function to SwitchHack
  • Mobile Systems Text Complete - Faster text entry, editing and modification!
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