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Company Profile

We offer electrical and electronic consulting engineering design services for the entire product lifecycle, with an emphasis on design for volume manufacture. This includes (but is not limited to):
  • Technical Research & Development
  • Market Research
  • Component Engineering, Selection and First Article Approval
  • Product Design
  • Design Reviews
  • Qualification
  • Facilitating Volume Manufacture
  • Facilitating Phase Out


Formed in 1999, Avon Technical Solutions was founded by Neil Allison following his 9 years in the Electrical & Electronic Design and Manufacture industry in Christchurch.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Canterbury, Neil worked for companies including Eltec Electronics, Swichtec Power Systems, Whisper Tech Ltd and Invensys Energy Systems (NZ) Ltd.

In 1993, Neil won the Minister for Trade Negotiations' Export Scholarship for his work designing DC power systems.

Recent Projects

Our projects have included:
  • NPI Engineering support on site at contract electronics manufacturer in Mexico
  • Therapeutic product development (a joint project with iDesign Solutions)
  • Engineering support for an ODM PDA Design
  • Current Injector for substation earth impedance testing
  • Eagle CAD User Language Programs (ULPs)
  • USB to Serial Converter peripheral for a rugged PDA
  • Remote Weather Station and Camera for uploading to a website
  • Software Testing for a medical product with an embedded microcontroller
  • International market research: "Voice of the Customer"
  • R&D on high power 3-phase rectifiers with Unity PFC
  • Embedded microprocessor based products
  • Cost reduction design reviews
  • Evaluation of DSPs in power conversion
  • Power supplies for a rugged automotive computer
  • Visual Basic Applications programming for Microsoft® Excel
  • Control of Test Instruments with Microsoft® Excel macros

Our Mission

To enjoy great gliding, excellent coffee and fast cars.  It has been said that there is no such thing as coffee too strong or cars too fast...

Naturally, we strive for excellence in customer service and design: on time, under budget, with the original team and right first time using minimum bandwidth (sometimes this is Mission Impossible!)

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