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Excel related

Eagle PCB CAD related

  • Renumber Schematic by Group is an Eagle User Language Program (ULP) to assist with renumbering schematics with options including only renumbering a group of parts within a rectangular area selected by the user.  This latest version includes the option to edit and/or save the script for later use.
  • Show Netclass by Layer is a beta version of an Eagle ULP to highlight different netclasses within the schematic
  • Contact us with your special Eagle ULP requirements

Palm OS

  • Nemerix Bluetooth GPS ScreenWe recently tested a sample Bluetooth GPS that uses a Nemerix chipset inconjunction with a Palm PDA.  We needed a PalmOS Application to configure the unit for our tests. So we wrote one.  Download it and try it - it is freeware and is released under the GPL. Three files are available:

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