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Battery Charger

We designed and manufacture a 4 outlet charger suitable for recharging 7Ah lead acid batteries often used in gliders (sailplanes). The specifications and manual for the charger are here.

Please contact us at with your questions or price and availability enquiries about this product or customising it to suit your needs.

  • The charger accepts a DC input in the range 15 V - 30 V and is designed to operate from a laptop power supply ("laptop adapter").
  • The charger is based around the Silvertel Ag102 Intelligent Sealed Lead Acid Battery Charger Module.
  • This 4 outlet charger provides charging status information via two LEDs per channel. The yellow LED provides a visual indication of charger status and any fault conditions. The green LED is lit when the battery has returned to float charge.
  • The enclosure is made from a rugged powder coated aluminium extrusion. The charger has overall dimensions of 203x53x203 mm (WxHxD).
  • The input connector accommodates 2.1 or 2.5 mm DC plugs and the output connectors are 3 pin XLR male receptacles. Other connector styles are available upon request.

2 Channel Battery Charger

A lower cost 2 way version in an ABS plastic case is also available. The charger has overall dimensions of 85x47x137 mm (WxHxL). This can by supplied with or without an AC adapter so you can use a spare laptop or similar 19V AC adapter that you already have.

When enquiring please confirm the following:

  • Output connector and pin polarity.
    Standard is 3 pin XLR with pin 1 = positive, pin 2 = negative and pin 3 not connected.
  • If you require an AC adapter or not.
    • If you do not want an AC adapter please advise the input plug size.
      Standard is 5.5x2.5 mm but can be a 5.5x2.1 mm DC plug.
    • The output voltage, brand and model / part number of the power supply or AC adapter you will use.
      Standard is a 60W 19V adapter. You must use an adapter with an output voltage in the range 15 - 30 V and with a rated output of at least 40W.

Customised Battery Chargers

We have made a 12 outlet version to mount in a 1Ux19" rack cabinet for the Canterbury Gliding Club:

As mounted in a rack cabinet with battery shelves above and below:

Contact us with your enquiry about a customised charger. For example, we can fit different connectors, have alternate output polarity connections or use a specifc case. Assembled and tested charger modules can be supplied without connectors and/or the case for you to fit into your own system.

Android and Gliding

We're learning more about Android gliding applications and using them on e-Ink (eReader) devices with excellent readability in bright sunlight:
  • XCSoar the open-source glide computer. We run this application on a Nexus7 tablet.
  • Unofficial NZ maps and waypoints for XCSoar. We're extracting waypoints and airspace information from the official Air Navigation Register PDF files. Others are contributing map and airspace information too. We invite contributors to contact us and join this effort.
  • Top Hat Soaring is a project to create an easy-to-use glide computer. Top Hat is built on XCSoar and its focus is on designing an intuitive user interface. Our interest in this project was initiated because it runs on the Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch.
  • Send NMEA over WiFi to multiple devices. We successfullly disctributed a GPS data stream (NMEA-0183 format) to multiple devices over WiFi using a Roving Networks WiFly module. We sourced the Sparkfun modules from NiceGear.
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